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Apart Villa A1
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Nergis Tower
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Palace (2.000 sqm)

Palace (1.200 sqm)

Palace (1.000 sqm)
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Home Office Residence

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Floria Desert Oasis luxurious residential compound, that blossoms from the desert landscape of Erbil. Flowers, vegetation and water are scarcely found in the city, but floria will capture the essences of flora that are typical of the area. The compund includes various types of housing each community reflecting the different characters of flowers.

A master plan with a very rigid structure already exist so the introduction of organic forms of newly designed compounds and an intricately designed landscape will create a fresh new residential oasis in Erbil.
Tasyakan Housing Production Technology
The houses of the Floria Desert Oasis Residents project are built with the latest housing production technology of our day. In the high-rise housing where the main load-bearing system is concrete steel, the tunnel shuttering system is used, and in the villas, the ribbed block plate system is applied.
High Tech & Floria
•  Indoor security comfort
•  24 hour monitoring securitysystem
•  Video intercomsystem with colour monitor
Let us manage your site with our professional team…
Professional Site Management Service:
Tasyakan is responsible for professsional site management in realized projects. Facilitates life for site residents by means of a 365 day/24 hour security system, environmental maintenance, and technical service. It organizes tenis tournoments, summer parties, childrens’ festivals, etc.

Second Hand Real Estate Utilization Services:
Tasyakan, also provides utilization, Sales and leasing services for 2nd hand real estate at its projects. It offers 2nd hand utilization services for its customers within the discipline of the Tasyakan with a profitable, reliable and Professional approach. So, it contributes to the quality of life by protecting not only investment value of real estate but also the customer profile preferring to have their domiciles within the scope of these prjects.

Decorate the picture of your life in your home...
Only an architectural plan that is adequate for your needs is not enough. It is the particular decoration that reflects your life-style and makes the place yours.

Experienced interior decorators of Tasyakan, makes you live “this is my home” feeling by unifying the most recent trends with the important components of your personality!

Order one of the sample decorations of Tasyakan’s or be the chief decorator and decorate your houses as you wish.
Creates living spaces…
We are trying to create a living space to Happy families for 25 years. With Tasyakan we reunited thousands of families with their dream homes.

To build a durable home is the essential rule for our project and any project did not see the earthquake damage until today which is built by Tasyakan.